A Beginner’s Guide to Grinders: Sensational External Stimulators

What exactly is a grinder sex toy, and how do you use it? Many folks haven’t even heard of these incredibly simple yet groundbreaking and unconventional toys. We’re here to shed light on grinders – in this article, we’ll explore:

  • What grinder toys are
  • Who can enjoy grinders
  • Different types of grinders
  • Creative ways to use grinders

What are grinder toys?

Grinder toys are crafted for external stimulation (they’re not typically meant for insertion). They feature textured surfaces that feel delightful when you move, rub, or grind against them, applying pressure.

Grinders are usually crafted from soft material with a bit of ‘squish’ to it. This allows you to comfortably exert pressure on the grinder to achieve the desired stimulation. Make sure to opt for grinders made of body-safe silicone – other soft materials like TPE or jelly rubber are porous and potentially harmful.

Who Can Enjoy Grinders?

  • Grinders are enjoyable for people of any gender or sexual orientation!
  • Many grinders are specifically designed for external clitoral stimulation, making them ideal for individuals with vulvas.
  • Individuals with penises can also find pleasure in grinders, using them for penile or perineum stimulation.
  • You can use a grinder during solo play or with a partner.

Types of Grinders

  • Manual grinders are unpowered and provide stimulation when pressure is applied and you move your body against them.
  • Vibrating grinders are designed to be grinded against, offering additional stimulation through vibration.
  • Some grinders can serve as bases for dildos, providing extra vulva stimulation for individuals wearing strap-on dildos.
  • Grinders come in various shapes. Some are narrow, while others are broad pads designed for sitting on. The best shape depends on how you prefer to use your grinder.

Creative ways to use grinders

Discover various ways to maximize the enjoyment of your grinder toy:

  • Place the grinder on a chair, sit normally or straddle it, then move, grind, wiggle, or rock against it to find what feels good. This technique works with any type of grinder, and some grinders can be secured for extra stability.
  • If using a chair isn’t convenient or you’re feeling lazy, prop up the grinder on a pillow in bed and move your hips to meet it. Elevate your upper body to apply additional pressure on the grinder.
  • Use your hands to rub a smaller grinder against yourself, whether you’re lying on your back or in any preferred position.
  • For narrow grinders, lie on your side and squeeze the grinder between your thighs while rocking your pelvis.
  • Place smaller grinders in your underwear and use them like panty vibrators.
  • Strap the grinder onto your partner’s thigh or pelvis and grind against them.

Experiment freely to determine what suits you best! Grinders offer incredible versatility and are ideal for those who enjoy external stimulation, enhancing your sexual experiences in exciting ways.