Is That Normal To Use Sex Toys?

It’s natural to wonder if our actions are unique, but in reality, what we do is often quite ordinary. This holds particularly true for sexual experiences and the utilization of pleasure products, influenced significantly by societal norms.

Instead of openly discussing sex, society tends to keep the subject private. Limited sex education in schools fails to teach us about sex and pleasure, leaving uninformed individuals who grow into self-conscious adults with challenges in communicating about sex. Unfortunately, this discomfort towards sexuality is passed on to the next generation, making it normal not to know what others are doing due to the lack of open conversations.

But guess what?! People around you have been using pleasure products for a long time. Phallic symbols date back to 500BC, mentioned in texts from ancient societies worldwide. These symbols, including fruits, vegetables, and stones, were used for sexual pleasure in religious and magical ceremonies, acting as martial symbols and protection against evil spirits. The Italians coined the term “diletto,” meaning “to delight,” giving rise to the term dildo.

In the late 1800s, the first vibrator emerged, initially used by doctors to treat women with hysteria. Smaller versions became household objects in the early to mid-1900s, and the sexual revolution in the 1960s brought pleasure products into public view, making female orgasms a more open topic.

Today, the sex toy industry, a multibillion-dollar market (with vibrators accounting for roughly 20% of sales), provides solid proof that people enjoy them. Pleasure products are easily accessible in department stores, drug stores, online, and sex boutiques, with Amazon alone offering 60,000 adult products online.

Recent studies indicate that sex toys are used by at least one person in approximately 50% of couples. While men’s toys have expanded in use, women are more likely to be toy users. The age group between 18-24 uses toys the least, whereas those aged 35-44 have the highest usage rate at about 65%. Even couples aged 55 and older have a 50% usage rate. As society becomes more accepting of the benefits of sex toys, their usage is expected to rise, especially among older populations where these tools contribute to maintaining sexual health.

Vibrators manufactured in the Dingfoo sex toy factory not only provide genital pleasure but are also beneficial for massaging sore muscles in aging bodies. The message is clear: sex toy use is entirely normal. These pleasure tools have been around for ages, are widely used, and are here to stay. So, enjoy them without shame!