What is Mutual masturbation?

Let’s talk about mutual pleasure, a term that covers two sexy activities: a) partners enjoying themselves together, or b) partners using their hands or fun tools to give each other a good time.

How It Works

So, how does mutual pleasure work? Well, the main idea is both partners having a good time, and it’s not all about reaching the big O. You might do this before other intimate actions like oral fun or getting down to business. Or, it can simply be an intimate act without any plans to move on to something else.

During mutual pleasure, partners can pleasure each other by using their hands or a favorite toy, like a vibrator. There might be penetration, or maybe not – totally up to you.

Another way to go about it is touching yourself while your partner watches, and vice versa. You can also spice things up with some dirty talk while you both enjoy yourselves.

To start, you can kiss or make out to get in the mood. When you’re both ready, go ahead and touch yourselves or each other.

Mutual masturbation positions

Let’s dive into some cool positions for mutual pleasure. These are designed for different comfort levels, experiences, and preferences:

1. Side by Side: This one’s versatile and great for newcomers or those feeling a bit shy. Just sit or lay down next to each other while enjoying yourselves. Eye contact is optional, and you can switch to facing each other when you’re ready. Want to mix it up? One can lie down while the other stands alongside for some hands or toys action.

2. Mutual Missionary: A twist on the classic missionary – one lies down while the other straddles or kneels between their legs. Pleasure yourselves or each other. If one isn’t in the mood to be touched, they can still enjoy the show.

3. Full Frontal: Perfect for exhibitionists or voyeurs. Sit facing each other (maybe on pillows) with legs wide open for a full view. Watch each other or get close enough to add some touching to the mix.

4. Long-Distance Play: If you’re into mutual pleasure via phone or video, there are plenty of positions to try – squatting, kneeling, standing, laying down – whatever feels comfy.

Mutual masturbation techniques

When it comes to mutual pleasure, it’s all about exploring and finding what feels good. Whether it’s solo or with a partner, these tricks might spice things up:

  • – Start by focusing on those sensitive spots before getting to the main event.
  • – Add a playful touch by sucking on fingers – yours or theirs – during the fun.
  • – Stay connected by draping your legs over each other or finding another way to stay close.
  • – Throw in some excitement with toys like a clit vibe, nipple clamps, a butt plug, or a cock ring.

Why try mutual masturbation?

Let’s dive into a few reasons to consider mutual pleasure:

1. Intimacy: Whether you’re with a partner or flying solo, masturbation is a fantastic way to connect with your body, feel pleasure, and ease stress. Bringing your partner into the mix adds an intimate touch to self-exploration and self-care, possibly deepening emotional bonds.

2. Try Something New: Spice things up by using mutual pleasure as foreplay or a way to break from your usual routine. It can also be a playful approach to extend the experience, especially if your partner faces challenges like erectile dysfunction.

3. Sexual Education: Engaging in mutual pleasure helps both partners understand each other’s desires, pleasure points, and the best ways to stimulate them.

4. Long-Distance Fun: If you and your partner are miles apart, mutual pleasure offers various options for shared enjoyment. It’s also a socially distanced option if health concerns like Covid are in the picture.

5. Safer Play: Exploring mutual pleasure without penetration can serve as a form of manual outercourse. This can be a safer alternative, significantly lowering the risk of pregnancy or STIs.

6. Pain-Free Pleasure: For those dealing with conditions like vulvodynia, vaginismus, endometriosis, or fibroids, mutual pleasure provides a path to pleasure without the discomfort of penetrative sex.

Is Mutual Pleasure Completely Safe?

While mutual pleasure is generally safe, it’s essential to be aware of a few potential risks.

Although the chance of getting an STI through mutual pleasure is minimal, there’s a small risk if the vagina or anus lining gets injured during manual penetration. This could create an opening for bacteria or viruses. While the risk of pregnancy is also low, if one partner uses their fingers for penetration and there’s any semen involved, pregnancy might be possible. To minimize these risks, using a latex glove or condom during vaginal or anal penetration is a smart move.