Yoni Massage

In simple terms, a yoni massage, also called yonic massage, is a special full-body massage. It involves hands-on attention to the vulva and vagina, along with other sensitive areas like breasts and the rear end. People sometimes link it to tantric sex practices, adding a spiritual aspect for some. You might find it in regular massage places, specific yoni massage parlors, or with private service providers.

The main goal of a yoni massage is to help the person connect more intimately with their body and sensuality. This happens through a slow, gradual process of sensual stimulation across various body parts, eventually focusing on the vulva and vaginal area. Though an orgasm might happen, it’s not the main purpose of the experience.

Yoni Massage Technique

Alright, let’s break down the yoni massage technique. So, there are two main players here: the person giving the massage (we’ll call them the giver) and the person getting the massage (let’s call them the Shakta). The Shakta usually goes in the buff for easy access to all the nooks and crannies that might get attention during the massage, while the giver stays fully clothed.

Now, the nitty-gritty of how the giver works their magic can vary. It depends on their training and what both parties are into. They often use some massage oil to keep things smooth and increase the receiver’s enjoyment by cutting down on any unwanted friction.

Typically, the massage kicks off with the Shakta lying face down. This gives the giver a shot at the backside first. The back, or the Yang side, is all about that masculine energy. It’s like waking up the force within. Once that’s done, the giver pops the question, and the Shakta flips over. Now it’s time for the front side, the Yin side, where the feminine energy hangs out. Expect some breast action, and slowly but surely, the journey leads to the vulva.

Gradual Arousal and Vaginal Stimulation

So, the slow build-up of arousal is like a gentle introduction, making sure the receiver feels comfortable every step of the way. By the time the giver gets to the vulva, things should be in a state of excitement – we’re talking dilation and natural lubrication, all set to make manual stimulation around and inside a breeze. The giver usually covers the clitoris, labia, urethral sponge, and cervix.

Now, thanks to all this deliberate attention to pleasure points, orgasms might just make an appearance, possibly at any moment during the yoni massage. Some folks even find themselves in an orgasmic rollercoaster. But here’s the twist – the main aim isn’t necessarily reaching that peak. People who’ve been on the receiving end mention that it’s more of an emotional journey than just a sexual one. Even without the big ‘O’, the experience can be enjoyable, embodied, and leave a positive impact that lasts.